Making education systems more personal, local, and long-lasting

On 18th December 2020, I was invited to share opening words at my school’s (where I completed 10th grade) annual festival. The theme was Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Skill Development. This got me thinking. Why should school students discuss SDGs? What would the interaction yield? Structures of the education…

24 Solutions by 12 Friends to Reduce Your Water Footprint

If we could see groundwater in decline, then we would probably not pollute or consume irresponsibly. This piece discusses first-hand action and conversations with 12 close friends from around the world who explain their deliberate efforts to reduce their water footprint.

Let us begin by understanding the water footprint. As…

Saahil Waslekar

Mediumite friends! Welcome to my page. A space of personal green insights, brown foresight and white feelings. Lets talk:

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